Comparison of MAQ Sonar


MAQ 90

MAQ 60

MAQ 22

   Frequency87.5-92.5 KHz57.5-62.5 KHz20-24 KHz
   Verified Detection Distance
   versus -26 dB target strength
415 M735 M1310 M
   With RDTN/A910 M1770 M
   Verified Detection Distance
   versus 0 dB target strength
775 M1620 M3945 M
   With RDTN/A1850 M4500 M
   Maximum Vessel Speed16 kts16 kts20 kts
   Hoist Speed18 s18 s9 s
   Sea-chest Requirement8 inch8 inch18 inch
   Protective ShieldABSABSOptional SS
   Range Scales: 15 Steps60-1200 M80-2200 M100-4500 M
   Pulse Length 0.2-20 ms
   Stabilization: Directional
   Tilt Control +10° to -45°
   Echo Strength Presentation
   Colour: 8 or 64 Colours
   Hoist Control Activation Alarm
   Automatic on or Manual
   Transceiver transmitters: 16 channels
   Transmitters RDT: 64 Channels N/A
   Receiver: 32 Channels
   Interface with: ITI, GPS,
   External Synchronization
   Programmable tonnage readout
   Automatic target tracking
   Event marker displays for
   fish heading and speed
   Multi-Language control panels

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